School Aims & Objectives

Our Aims
Based on the Five Outcomes of 'Every Child Matters'
• Be Healthy
◦ We will work in partnership with parents and carers to promote, recognise and celebrate healthy lifestyle choices for all
◦ We will promote high standards of care and wellbeing through a welcoming, positive and supportive ethos

• Stay Safe
◦ We will provide and promote an inclusive environment in which all pupils feel physically and emotionally safe and secure
◦ We will help pupils to understand key risks and how to deal with them

• Enjoy and Achieve
◦ We will provide a stimulating learning environment and aim for the highest standards of teaching and learning
◦ We will have high expectations of every child and ensure that every child reaches their full potential
◦ We will identify and provide appropriately for pupils with Special Educational Needs (including able children) and Looked After Children
◦ We will work with partners in the community to enhance teaching and learning experiences and skills

• Make a Positive Contribution
◦ We will celebrate our Christian foundation and promote awareness and respect for other religions and beliefs
◦ We will develop a sense of responsibility for our community and our world
◦ We will create a climate which supports personal development academically, socially, morally, spiritually and culturally

• Achieve Economic Well-being
◦ We will recognise parents as partners in their child's learning and provide opportunities for mutual support
◦ We will foster independence, cooperation, collaboration, leadership and teamwork as necessary skills for learning and life
◦ We will encourage aspiration and self-esteem and support and celebrate achievement and endeavour

Our Objectives
Based on the Five Outcomes of 'Every Child Matters'
• Be Healthy
We will:
◦ teach our children about good health and barriers to good health
◦ provide appropriate levels of physical activity
◦ be a healthy school
◦ provide a supportive environment with distinct opportunities for personal thoughts and feelings to be shared
◦ support the Local Authority in providing healthy lunch options
◦ support parents in providing healthy packed lunches
◦ liaise with the school nurse team and other external health agencies
◦ encourage life-long lifestyle choices for good health
◦ celebrate out-of-school achievements which promote good health
◦ ensure that staff are aware of the school's child protection policy
◦ ensure that the needs of Looked After Children are appropriately met
◦ provide high quality pastoral care for the well-being of all our pupils
◦ actively promote policies for equal opportunity, race equality and racial harassment
◦ discuss sexual health and education appropriately and with sensitivity if circumstances arise (sex education is taught in KS2)

• Stay Safe
We will:
◦ regularly review and assess the safety and security of sites and equipment, ensure appropriate safety checks, maintenance and adherence to health and safety policy and guidelines
◦ conduct risk assessments for all off-site visits in line with our educational visits policy
◦ teach children about key risks and how to deal appropriately with them
◦ provide opportunities for pupils to share their concerns and be supported in resolving them
◦ implement and regularly review our behaviour and discipline policy including anti-bullying
◦ through the shared ethos of the school encourage care, courtesy, respect and concern for all
◦ ensure that all staff are aware of the school's child protection policy
◦ ensure that the needs of Looked After Children are appropriately met
◦ ensure safe and appropriate use of ICT, specifically internet and e-mail
◦ access health and safety training as appropriate (including first aid)

• Enjoy and Achieve
In following the Foundation Stage Curriculum and National Curriculum we will:
◦ provide a range of high quality, planned learning experiences throughout the Foundation Stage, through a combination of adult directed and child initiated activities
◦ provide a broad and balanced curriculum in KS1 with appropriate emphasis on literacy and numeracy
◦ actively promote policies for equal opportunity, race equality and racial harassment
◦ make learning fun, meaningful and appropriate to the needs of every child
◦ differentiate tasks to the needs of the learner
◦ develop skills and attributes for lifelong learning
◦ actively promote inclusion, ensuring that no child feels excluded
◦ use of range of teaching styles to engage individual needs
◦ liaise with external agencies as appropriate to meet the needs of all our learners
◦ teach, use and apply technology
◦ provide opportunities for self-expression
◦ encourage self-evaluation
◦ enhance the curriculum at every opportunity
◦ effectively plan, share objectives, set targets, track progress and assess achievement to ensure that every child's potential is achieved
◦ involve parents in their child's learning
◦ regularly share progress, achievements and any concerns with parents/carers
◦ reward and celebrate achievement and endeavour
◦ provide opportunities for reflection and prayer through daily worship
◦ seek awe and wonder in the world
◦ be a learning school, supporting personal and professional development

• Make a Positive Contribution
We will:
◦ be active and effective partners with our church and local community
◦ foster support for local, national and global charities
◦ teach children to become aware of moral values, make moral judgements and acquire habits of self-discipline and acceptable behaviour
◦ lead by example in treating all adults and pupils fairly, consistently, courteously and with respect
◦ through the shared ethos of the school encourage care, courtesy, respect and concern for all
◦ be a learning school, supporting personal and professional development for all

• Achieve Economic Well-being
We will:
◦ develop confidence to deal with change and challenge, and begin to develop a spirit of enterprise
◦ provide information for parents to support all aspects of their child's development
◦ be open to the views of pupils, parents and other stakeholders to enable continuous improvement


Nursery - Our Aims
• To provide an environment in which every child will have the opportunity to flourish, achieve, and sometimes exceed their expected potential
• To promote positive attitudes which allow children to work, play and co-operate within a group
• To provide a wide, varied and balanced curriculum giving equal opportunity for all children in all areas of learning
• To encourage children to become more self reliant both in the activities provided and in building relationships, in order to function as independent and confident learners
• To provide opportunities which develop competence in speaking, listening, reading and writing
• To develop mathematical understanding through practical activities
• To teach and encourage the relevant vocabulary which provides the foundations for numeracy
• To provide the foundations for scientific, technological, historical and geographical learning by developing curiosity, skills, knowledge and understanding to observe, explore and find out about their environment, other people and features of the natural and man-made world
• To encourage positive attitudes towards a healthy and active lifestyle by providing opportunities that will develop physical control, mobility, awareness of space and manipulative skills both indoors and outside
• To develop creative, imaginative and practical skills in art, design and music in order to be able to listen, respond, communicate and express ideas and feelings in a variety of ways
• To develop a sense of belonging as each pupil becomes a new member of the School, Christ Church and the neighbourhood of Tettenhall Wood

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Christ Church (Church of England) Infant School & Nursery
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Our school can be found in Shaw Lane, off School Road in Tettenhall Wood, Wolverhampton.

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