Medical Information

The school nursing team have responsibility for children's health checks. During their time at Infant School all children will have a medical examination (to which parents are invited). In addition there are visits from the dental health service and audiologist (Year 1). The school nursing team can be contacted through the school.

Administering Medicine
Medicines are not normally administered in nursery; however, in cases of chronic or long term complaints, such as asthma, an inhaler with the appropriate consent form will be kept in the medical box for emergency use. Please refer any other significant health issues to the Headteacher.

If your child is able to return to school following an illness but still requires medication the school's policy in the administering of medicines follows the NAHT Council Memorandum and its recommendations.

Usually there are two sets of circumstances when we are asked to administer medicine to children at school:
1 In cases of chronic illness or long-term complaints, such as asthma, diabetes or epilepsy;
2 Cases where children are recovering from a short-term illness, are well enough to return to school but are receiving a course of anti-biotics that is to be taken four times a day.

It is recommended that wherever it is practicable a child's own parent should administer medicine to a child at school, but if this is impossible the following guidelines must be followed:
1 The medicine should be brought to school by a responsible adult, not the child, and taken to the School Administrator's office.
2 The parent, or adult acting on his/her behalf (childminder) must be prepared to offer a written indemnity in favour of the member of staff involved in the administering of medicines. The necessary forms are available at the office.
3 Clear instructions should be given concerning the required dosage. Only medicines prescribed by a doctor will be administered.

The school may not accept responsibility for administering medicine where serious consequences could result if for any reason the dose is not given.
Inhalers for asthma will be kept in the Headteacher's office for use during the school day. It is advisable for pupils to have an additional inhaler to the one used at home to remain in school.


School Nurse service bases at Pendeford Health Centre is available to parents by contacting them on 01902 444531.


Supporting pupils with medical needs in school

Please find attached below the schools policy for supporting pupils with medical needs.

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